Three Essential Skills Your Toddler Needs This Holiday Season

for more fun, calm, and connection 
- and what we can do to build them

The internet doesn’t really talk about these “hidden skills”.

When we search about “What do toddlers need to learn?” - we usually see things like - the alphabet. Numbers. Shapes. Colors. 

But the “hidden skills” - that most people don’t talk about and take for granted - are actually more important at this age. They’re VITAL - not just for the holidays, but in everyday life! They can make all the difference between being able to enjoy a Christmas celebration and just having a meltdown the whole time.

Join me, and learn how a little bit of preparation can help make your holidays go more smoothly. 

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In This Masterclass



The ONE skill that hardly anyone talks about

but that can dramatically improve how your child enjoys the holidays (and any situation where there are people involved!)


An easy but powerful activity you can do in 10 minutes

to help them prepare for social interactions - so you can stop worrying. 


One thing that your child already does (that they’ll need to do a lot during holiday celebrations)

and how to encourage it so that new situations can be more fun and less stressful.

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This masterclass is a must-attend if…

You have a child who’s three years old and below, who never experienced (or doesn’t remember) what Christmas was like before the COVID pandemic. 

You’re getting overwhelmed just thinking about all you need to do for the holidays to make it more meaningful for your kids. 

You want to help your child develop skills that will help them not just right now, but even when they start going to school. 

Save your seat for the free masterclass now!

I’d love to meet you!

I’m Dr. Victoria Nolasco, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, positive discipline parent coach, and parent of a toddler. 

My mission is to help young kids get the best start in life during this critical brain-building period - in a way that is fun and easy for parents and kids, and yet is effective and backed by science and research. 

I want to help you sort out what truly matters in your child’s development, so you feel less stressed, overwhelmed and guilty as a parent.

See you there!